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Welcome to the Long Non-Coding RNA Database

lncRNAdb is a database providing comprehensive annotations of eukaryotic long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs).

Searching the database

You can search our database by entering search terms in the search area (above) and clicking the "Search" button. You can search by lncRNA name (including known aliases), annotation, sequence, species or function tags. You do not need to enter a name for the lncRNA to perform a search, it is simply one search option.

Perusing the database

To peruse the entire database click "Search" while leaving all search boxes empty. This will will return the entire contents of the database up to the record limit specified at the bottom of the search results page. The easiest way to peruse large lists (such as the whole database content) is to export them using the "Export Annot." button located in the footer of the search results. You can also peruse subsets of the database by leaving the lncRNA field empty, and refining the search by incorporating terms in other fields, such as species, functional category or other descriptor in Description field.

About the database

Annotated lncRNAs include those shown to have, or to be associated with, biological functions in eukaryotes, as well as messenger RNAs that have regulatory roles and lncRNAs of unknown function. Each entry contains referenced information about the RNA, including sequences, structural information, genomic context, expression, subcellular localization, conservation, functional evidence and other relevant information. Most (~75%) of the catalogued lncRNAs are from mammals, for which more transcriptomic data is available and which have been more intensively studied, but lncRNAs from vertebrates to single-celled eukaryotes have been included. In addition, lncRNAdb has links to the UCSC Genome Browser for visualization and NRED (ncRNA Expression Database) for expression information from a variety of sources. Citation information and more comprehensive assistance is available from the help section, which can be accessed through the menu at the top of the page. lncRNAdb has been developed and maintained by the Mattick lab. If you have additional information or corrections for a lncRNA or want to add a lncRNA to the database, please use the Submit page. We welcome such feedback and input.

Citing lncRNAdb

Amaral PP, Clark MB, Gascoigne DK, Dinger ME, Mattick JS (2011). lncRNAdb: a reference database for long noncoding RNAs. Nucleic Acids Res 39: D146-151.

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